The D-air History


Starting out from an intuition of Lino Dainese in the 90s, Dainese’s D-air technology has been constantly developed throughout the years to achieve more and more success on the track, with the D-air Racing platform, and on regular roads, with the D-air Street version.


From the first prototype placed into a helmet in the early 2000s, the project then evolved into the first intelligent clothing equipped with an active safety device and has been continuously improved since, with the first activation taking place in 2006. The following year it debuted in the racing world and in 2012 on the consumer market, getting recognized the same year by the renowned German Car Club ADAC and receiving the prestigious Ferdinand Porsche Award in 2015.


Having recently reached the milestone of its first 1000 deployments, Dainese wants to celebrate the history of the D-air technolgy with this official video, that will take you on an emotional journey through the past to better understand the future of motorcycle safety.


Credits: Emotional View – Andrea Bonfanti